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Who is The Fixer in Romania?

Actually, there are 2 Fixers in Romania:


Andrei Marinescu

Having relevant academic roots (his father, Arcadiu Marinescu Nour was a great historian and writer), Andrei chose not to embrace the words and letters, and went to study Economics in the biggest University in Bucharest – ASE. He tried to switch his father’s path, but never managed to do it actually. He stayed in the cultural area and developed his skills as a film producer.

With more than 15 years of experience in TV and Movie production, Andrei amassed over 30 big feature films and TV shows as a producer or location manager.

He is also a huge traveling fan; if you need any touristic tips or professional advices, not only about Romania, but about so many places in this world, Andrei is the right man to counsel you.


Andrei Marinescu


Ionut Ionescu

Born on the Danube river side, raised at the Retezat Mountains feet and based in Bucharest for more than 15 years, Ionut is today a so called “Renaissance Man”: he does everything from acting, directing and teaching, to managing a dubbing studio and providing fixing and production support for film crews. Every aspect of his professional life involves creativity, devotion and a huge amount of passion.

He will deal successfully with local authorities, get the permits and releases for you and help you and your project with creative ideas.


*Man of La Mancha by Dale Wasserman