Fixing and Production Support

Fixing and Production Support

Fixer in Romania can arrange all documentation, personnel, accommodation, logistics, transportation and ’on the ground’ support that your project requires. In foreign countries you need a team that you can rely upon – the Fixer in Romania team knows everything an expatriate film crew might want to know about Romania.

We have established relationships with government ministries and agencies, local and regional authorities, in order to guarantee to our partners the access to filming permits and permissions.

Our experience, as well as our pleased clients, ensure you are getting the best rates and quality services in Romania. Our transport and accommodation partners understand our business and are flexible to our needs.

If you require more than just fixing services, let us do the ground work for you.

VIP & Talent Management

In addition to our fixing/production/location management services, we can also provide assistance with VIP and talent management. If your production requires extra special care and treatment of VIPs or international talent, let us help you.  We have established local partnerships that allow us to offer the highest levels of comfort and security, while maintaining the utmost discretion.

Luxury Accommodation and Transportation

We have access to a wide and diverse range of private and luxury accommodation throughout the country at very reasonable rates – no matter if you’re looking for a suite in a 5 star hotel or an elegant villa with private swimming pool and staff.

Similarly, if you need secure and private transportation, we can provide a full limousine service or private cars and mini-vans equipped with tinted windows.

VIP Airport Arrivals & Departure Services

After a long flight, there is nothing better than expedited visa, immigration and customs clearances.  We can arrange car-to-tarmac pick-ups/drop-offs and fast track processing so that your VIP arrives or departs with little exposure and loss of time.

Security & Close Protection

There are times when your VIPs or crew may require extra security – whether it be to lockdown a set or just provide day-to-day protection for individuals.

Our security partner has worked in the region for many years and understands the inherent risks and challenges to provide discreet, but effective, security and peace of mind.