Location Scouting and Permits

Location Scouting

Fixer in Romania is able to arrange all film permits across Romania. We utilize our extensive local and regional administration contacts and intimate knowledge of the application process to secure film and location permits for every possible location in Romania, whether it’s an historical place (a fortress, an old church, a famous place, etc) or a geographical/natural location (mountains, forests, lakes, etc).

Location Scouting & Location Management

We combine the rural places, the very crowded urban spots and the natural beauties of Romania to find interesting and unique locations that can suite your standards. We can assist with this vital pre-production step – and because we live here, it’s easy for us to scout locations at different times of the day, night or season. Attention to details is all about good location scouting.

We have local expert knowledge and a location image library to assist our clients with sourcing the most suitable locations for shoots. Including knowledge of local infrastructure, licensing requirements and obstacles that could impact on the clients production schedule.

Following close consultation, once our clients have selected their locations, Fixer in Romania will arrange all location clearances and permissions for you to film, If required, FIR will contact any privately owned locations, ensuring you can simply point and shoot at whatever location you require. Our extensive network and understanding of the country allows us to offer multiple cultural and numerous ‘locations of significance’ across Romania including national parks and world heritage sites.


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